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Assorted odds and sods, including but not limited to: sunsets; spontaneous whimsy; voodoo; abstract psychedelia; childhood nostalgia; imaginary sitcoms of the worst kind; transvestism; anthropomorphised animals; endless, unimaginable torture... and the life and times of one Omarr Gruff, clueless rock buffoon extraordinaire.

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Fantastical beasts of my own design - all made entirely with SP-Studio.

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Things that other people thought up, which I have then made a picture of

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Public Service Posters


As you'd already know if you'd ever bothered to think about it for a second, you and the rest of the general public are far too stupid to live your lives in an effective and orderly manner. It's a wonder you haven't burst into flames already. Luckily, I have made some posters that can help... but only if you READ and then UNDERSTAND them.

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Rock Stars


From classic rock to obscure indie. Again, some of the older pictures are edited by copy/pasting in MS Paint and recolouring in Photoshop, though most are made entirely with SP-Studio.

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Star Wars


Most of these are pretty old (before a lot of items were added that made more complicated pictures possible, like the earrings or hair highlights), so there are a lot of pictures that were assembled cut-and-paste style in MS Paint and/or recoloured in Photoshop, rather than being pure SPS creations.

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The Simpsons


Almost the entire main cast of the show, all made entirely with SP-Studio. I probably got a bit carried away with these, to be honest. There will be no more.

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