Abomination no. 18:Shadow Echelon Commando

Abomination no. 18:Shadow Echelon Commando

Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:30 pm
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Shadow Echelon is the Spec-Ops section of the Death Legion, and personal bodyguards to Von Charlatain and other members of Inner Circle, the esotheric council of the most sinister and notorious criminal masterminds, who lead the Skull Syndicate. These ruthless, Nano-suit clad killers don't carry guns, because they don't need them. They are lethal enough with their sneaky ninja-like reflexes, Kickass Martial arts skills, and ridiculously futuristic plasma blades.Also, Professor granted them with high-tech cybernetic implants, bionic prosthethics, and cloaking device, allowing them to turn nearly invisible.
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