Arch-Deacon Phaustus van Doom

Arch-Deacon Phaustus van Doom

Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:14 pm
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What any evil organisation would be without an obscure cult of eldritch demons? A study on occult magic and unearthly powers are what brought Ebenezer von Charlatain to invite Secret Cabal of Lord Dagon (SCOLD) and their leader, Arch-Deacon van Doom to the Scull Syndicate. Rumors has it, that Phaustus was an alchemist from 15th century, and he made a pact with evil spirit by the name of Dagon. Dagon has granted Phaustus great power and immotality. He was many Times put to death, but he still managed to come back. He eventually joined Scull Syndicate along with his followers, and became von Charlatain's advisor on forbidden lore and mysticism. He never is seen without his mask, to the point, that some people think, that the decorated silver visor hides a undead corpse, gruesomely scarred or horriffically deformed face, or even that Arch-Deacon isn't human anymore, and the mask hides writhing mass of tendrills, or four dimensional tesseract shaped warp in reality, or something even worse in place of van Doom's visage...
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