Von Charlatain and the Inner Circle

Von Charlatain and the Inner Circle

Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:32 am
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"Gentlemen, I gathered you here to discuss my brand new World Domination Plan involving Giant Flying Robot Shark with Lasers (since the recent plan with Giant Flying Mutant Llama on Fire did not worked so well for us), as well as to show you how dashingly awesome I look in my new regalia.... Also, I do believe I have put on my Monocle on the wrong eye...... Now, where was I? Something about Giant Laser shooting out Mutant Sharks? Something to do with Robot Llamas? That's the most idiotic scheme I've ever heard! You Imbeciles! Which one of you, Idiots, came up with this Nonsense?! Unless, we could... YES! BRILLIANT! That is a Great Idea! RELEASE THE CHINCHILLA!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"
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