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Episode 1404 - You Have 0 Friends


Randy Marsh
Mr. Garrison
Boy (Isiah)
Computer Voice
Gary Johnson
Grandma Marsh
Kevin Donahue
Kip and his parents
Man 1
Man 2
Various Profiles, including one for Tom Davis

[Kyle's room, day. Kyle is at his computer. Kenny's on his laptop on Kyle's bed while Cartman is on the Internet on his phone.]
Cartman:I've got more friends than Ky-yle! I've got more friends than Ky-yle!
Kyle:How the hell do you have more friends than me?
Cartman:'Cause people think I'm cool, dude.
Kyle:How many friends do you have, Kenny?
Kenny:(Sixty two)
Kyle:What? How the hell do I only have 37 friends?
Stan:[walks in] Aww, are you guys doing that stupid Facebook stuff again?
Cartman:[retorts] Stupid Facebok stuff.
Stan:Why are you guys in here wasting your time? We're supposed to be outside playing video games.
Kyle:Stan, you don't get how cool Facebook has become. You can message your friends, play Yahtzee with your friends, even start your own virtual farm and have your friends visit it.
Stan:Dude, who the hell wants to play Yahtzee?
Cartman:Stan, we know it's hard to get started, but we have a little surprise for you.
Kyle:Yeah dude, we made you your own Facebook page. [smiles]
Cartman:Surprise! [smiles]
Stan:Noo, I told you guys I don't wanna be on Facebook!
Kyle:Yeah, but now you can be friends with all of us!
Stan:I'm not collecting friends and I'm not building any farms! I don't wanna get sucked into this!
Cartman:Alright, fine dude, you don't have to add any friends. You can just be like Kip Drordy
Cartman:Kip Drordy, the third grader? He's got nooo Facebook friends. [begins to gloat] And he's had a profile for more than six months.
Kyle:Aww gee, that's... so sad. Everyone should have one Facebook friend.
Stan:You guys are retarded I'm playing XBox. [turns around and walks out.]
Kyle:There's really people out there without a Facebook friend in the world? That's so wrong.
[Kip Drordy's romo, day. Kip sits there on his stool, a lonely figure with a misshapen head, looking at his monitor, hoping for a friend to finally appear on his Facebook page. "You have 0 friends." He looks away from the monitor and sighs, wiping a tear from his nose. A small pop-up window appears. Kip looks at it, then startles himself. He gets to his keyboard and reads the window: "Kyle Broflovski has added you as a friend." He rubs his eyes in disbelief and looks again. "Confirm Kyle as your friend?" He moves the cursor down to the "Confirm" button and clicks on it. Now his page reads "You have 1 friends."]
Kip:[getting excited] Ahhhhh. [gets off his stool and runs around the room] Haaa! Haaaaaaaaaa! Yeah! [opens the door, runs out of his room and down the stairs and into the kitchen]
[Kitchen, day]
Kip:Mom, Dad! I made a friend today!
Kip's Mom:Kip, really?
Kip's Dad:You did?
Kip:Yeah!! [jumps for joy]
Kip's Dad:Huh son, that's winderful.
Kip's Mom:What's his name?
Kip:Kyle Broflovski! He's a student, and his interests include video games and reading.
Kip's Mom:Oh, is he a nice boy?
Kip:Oh, he's the best, Mom! He has a green hat, and he wants the world to stop talking about ninjas. Oh! I need to tell him what I'm currently thinking about! What am I currently thinking about?! [runs back to his room]
[The Marsh dining room, evening. Stan is at the table doing homework. Randy pops in from the kitchen]
Randy:Hey Stan, I was on my computer at work and saw that you have a Facebook page now?
Stan:Yeah, Dad, I was kinda forced to.
Randy:Well sooo... are you gonna add me as a friend?
Stan:[looks over his shoulder] No- Dad, I I really don't wanna get more into it.
Randy:...Oh okay. [walks away, but returns a few seconds later] So I'm, m not your friend then?
Stan:...Dad, you are my friend.
Randy:...But you just don't wannad, add me, as a friend?
Stan:Dad it's just a stupid click of a button, it takes two seconds!
Randy:Right, but you don't have... the two seconds orrr?
Stan:I just wanna do my homework!
Randy:Alright, fine. [walks away again. Stan puts his face in his left palm, then gets back to homework. Randy returns...] Just to be clear, you and I are not... friends?
Stan:Alright, Dad, I'll add you!
Randy:Oh cool! Okay. [walks away]
[The Drordy house, night. The parents are watching TV from their sofa. Kip runs in.]
Kip:Mom, Dad, my best friend Kyle? He went to the dentist yesterday, and got two fillings! And today he's wondering if Hurt Locker really deserved the Oscar!
Kip's Mom:That's great, Kip!
Kip:Yeah! [runs off]
Kip's Dad:They sure are getting to know each other.
Kip's Mom:I'ts amazing! You know Kip spent the morning at the boy's farm?
Kip's Dad:His friend lives on a farm?
[Kyle's room, night. He's at his computer working on his farm - in Farmville.]
Kyle:I think I'll add some more... pigs. [done] Oh, maybe I should put in another field of corn there. [moves his avater to his corn fields and adds one] There we go. Nice. [a click and a small whoosh are heard, and Kyle looks at his screen. "You have 29 friends"] Twenty nine? No, I have thirty friends. [a click and a small whoosh are heard. "You have 28 friends." More of these sounds are heard as Kyle's friend count drops] Hey what the hell is-? Oh no! Oh shit! [Kyle does what he can, but keeps losing friends]
[South Park Elementary, day. Stan is at his locker switching books. Wendy walks up behind him]
Wendy:Am I a joke to you?
Stan:[stops moving, then turns around] What?
Wendy:I just wanna know, is that all I am? A big joke?
Stan:...Um, no?
Wendy:You DO have a Facebook page, Stan!
Stan:Oh Goddamnit no! I just got that because Kyle-
Wendy:Yeah well I saw your page, Stan! Relationship status? Single?
Stan:Relationship stat- I didn't even pay any attention to that-
Wendy:You like being single, Stan? So that you could Facebook to find other girls?! According to your Facebook page, [crosses her arms] we aren't friends!
Stan:Alright, I'll add you as a friend. I'm sorry.
Wendy:And you'd BETTER change your relationship status to "In a relationship"!
Wendy:By editing your profile under "basic information"!
Stan:Okay, I'm sorry!
[Stan's room, night. He's at his computer editing his profile.]
Stan:"Edit profile. Basic... settings" Jesus Christ!
Randy:Stan? Why won't you be friends with Grandma?
Stan:...Aw. Dad, I just really don't wanna pay attention to this thing!
Randy:Grandma is in the hospital! And you won't even be friends with her!
Stan:Alright, Dad, I'll add Grandma as a friend.
Randy:That's better. Oh, and I sent you a funny picture and you didn't respond to it. [walks away]
Stan:Dude, fuck Facebook! Seriously! [an update pops up] What the hell is this?! Podcast?
Cartman:[in a video podcast] Welcome to Cartman's Incredible Podcast! [Mad Friends podcoast hmya. Cartman sits behind a Mad Friends desk. At the bottom of the screen are two tickers. The upper one shows changes in friend stocks, the lower one shows Facebook updates] Hello fellow Facebookers, I'm here to do one thing: get you more friends! [rings a bell and leaves his chair] Looking around Facebook today we see that since adding loser Kip Drordy as a friend, Kyle Broflovski's stock is plummeting! He had 55 friends just two days ago, he's down to just 11 this morning. Run to your Facebook account and delete Kyle from your friend list because he is poison and I don't see him making a comeback any time soon. [presses a big red button, which produces a shotgun blast] You're gonna want t o dump Kyle and if at all possible add Clyde Donovan. Why? [shows a birthday cake] Birthday! That's right, Clyde has a birthday coming up and his mom is taking everyone to Casa Bonita. [presses a button that produces the sound of a whistle] If you don't have Clyde as a friend, you're gonna want to add him, because Clyde's numbers are about to go way up! And now, Word On The Street. [cranks up a player that repeats "Word On The Street"] The rumors are now becoming more than that; Jimmy and Bebe have agreed to share their friends. That's right. Looks like we're about to have a merger [presses a robot that says "MERGER"] So if you're a friend of Jimmy's you're about to luck into about 90 chick friends, and as we all know, chick friends are worth almost triple what dude friends are. That's all the time I have for today. Remember, update that profile, and steer clear of Kyle.
[The Marsh living room, night. A knock is heard at the front door and Stan walks to the door and opens it. It's raining outside and Kyle is on the steps crying.]
Kyle:Can I come in?
Stan:Sure dude. [Kyle enters] Dude, what's the matter?
Kyle:I... don't... have... any... friends...
Kyle:I mean, I do, but, well, ever sicne I became friends with that Kip Drrordy kid a bunch of my other friends have started ignoring me. It wold be fine except for my farm is starting to shrink. I know that I should just dump Kip as a friend, but that's such a terrible thing to do and, I'm sorry I'm just so confused I... I really need a friend right now.
Stan:Okay dude, I'm I'm here for you.
Kyle:'K, so then get on Facebook and fertilize my crops?
Kyle:Pleahehese! My farm hasn't expanded in three days!
Stan:Dude, I've already had to become friends with all of Wendy's frends and my grandma's friends! I do NOT want to start doing all the farming stuff too! I'm not getting sucked into that!
Kyle:[rushes up to Stan, falls on his knees, and grabs the lower part of Stan's jacket] You don't get sucked into it! You don't get sucked in at all! Plehehehehehehehese!
Stan:Ah fuck.
[Stan's room, moments later. Stan is at his computer while Kyle watches on his phone]
Stan:Okay it says I'm at your farm.
Kyle:'Kay, so now just click on the little soil button... [Stan does so] and then maybe put a sign up to comment on my farm... [Stan does so] Okay, now I can read the sign you put up...
Stan:'Kay, it says you and I are now very good friends.
Kyle:Yeah. We're very good friends. We're very good friends, Stan!
[The Drordy house, day. The family is in the kitchen. Kip and his father are at the table eating while his mom is in the kitchen proper serving herself]
Kip's Dad:So Kip, you spend more time with your buddy Kyle today?
Kip:Oh yeah Dad, we've been havin' the best time! I showed him all the pictures of me and that silly Halloween costume last year.
Kip's Mom:[joins the goys at the table] Oh, what'd he say about those?
Kip:He laughed out loud. And then he was rollin' on the floor laughin'!
Kip's Dad:Sounds like you boys had a ball!
Kip:Mom, Dad, I'm all done. Can I go hang out with Kyle and tell him all about what I had for dinner?
Kip's Dad:Well it's a little late, but it is Friday.
Kip's Mom:I thnk the more time you spend with your little friend, the better.
Kip:Wow, thanks! [runs out of the kitchen]
Kip's Mom:Have fun and be safe! [Kip runs through the living room and upstairs, then enters his own room]
[Kip's room, night. Kip runs to his computer and gets onto Facebook. He begins to type]
Kip:Ate a pork chop for dinner. Had nice apple sauce too. [clicks on Share, and there's his status. He waits for a reply, from 7:20 to... 8:30. He gets a reply: Kyle likes the post] Hahaa haha! Yeah! [gets off his chair and dances around] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[South Park, day. Stan exits a Komik Faktory store with some comic books and turns right, only to stop when he sees Wendy]
Wendy:"I think you look cute in your bunny costume."
Wendy:"I think you look cute in your bunny costume."?! What is that supposed to mean?!
Stan:...I have no idea.
Wendy:That's what Susan92 wrote on your wall! You give girls pictures of you in bunny outfits?! Fuck you! [walks off in anger.]
Stan:[turns to see her walk off] Susan92 is a friend of my grandma's and she's 92 years old! [turns around and continues on his way. He walks by an en electronics store]
Man 1:[standing in the doorway with a cigarette in his left hand] Oh hey Stan, I'm your friend Brian through your uncle Jimbo? Hey I commented on your status but I haven't heard back from you. Could you give me a poke sometime soon?
Stan:Fine! [continues walking, but a car pulls up next to him.]
Man 2:Hey kid, how come you ignored my friend request?
Stan:[looks at him like he's crazy] I don't know you!
Man 2:Yeah, well I'm just a guy that gets ignored, I guess! [spits on Stan and drives off, Stan begins to shake in anger]
[Stan's computer, later. He's looking at his Facebook page, still steaming from his encounters outside Komik Faktory. "You have 845,000 friends"]
Randy:Stan? Grandma said she poked you and you haven't sent a poke back.
Stan:...Dad, I didn't even wanna do th-
Randy:Stan, poke your grandma!
Stan:[squeezes his eyes shut and stays still for a moment] No. NO! Screw this! You know what? "Edit Profile > Update Profile." There! "Delete Profile"! [reads the popup] "You have requested to delete your Facebook profile. If this is an error, hit Cancel" Proceed! [presses "Proceed," then reads the next popup.] "Delete yor profile, are you sure? Yes No." Yes! "Are you totally sure?" Yes! [clicks on it and his screen goes black. A blinking amber cursor appears]
Computer Voice:[the following words appear onscreen] I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Stan Marsh.
Stan:You can't let me do that? What are you talking about? [his monitor has a built-in Web cam]
Computer Voice:I'm gonna have to put you on the game grid.
Stan:Delete Profile! "Are you totally sure? Yes or-" Yes! Goddamnit yes! Delete! Delete delete! [the web cam lights up and shoots a laset at Stan's forehead, knocking him back on his chair. It then sets up boxes of energy around his body] Hey dad? [the camera begins scanning him in bit by bit, pixel by pixel] Dad? [he disappeard from his chair and soon appears on a virtual floor after travelling down some tunnels] Oh dude, what the fuck? [Neon lights appear all over]
[Inside the game grid. Three guards approach him]
Guard 1:Alright get moving, Profile.
Stan:Profile? I'm not a profile.
Guard 1:Ignore. [shocks him with an electric prod.]
Stan:AAH. [The guards escort Stan away]
Profile 1:Tom Davis says hello to Linda Green's profile.
Profile 2:Linda Davis likes how Tom Davis has changed his status.
Stan:'Scuse me, my name is-
Profile 3:Ignore.
Stan:Eh hey, could you tell me how I-
Profile 4:Ignore.
Stan:[realizes where he is] Aw Goddamnit I got sucked into Facebook!
[Mad Friends, which is being broadcast from Cartman's basement. Kyle has made it onto Cartman's podcast]
Kyle:I don't know what to do. I just can't seem to get my friend numbers to go up. I'm desperate. That's why I came to you.
Cartman:You're very smart, Kyle. But the truth is, as long as you have that Kip Drordy loser as a Facebook friend, people view your friendship as a liability. You gotta dump him.
Kyle:I can't do that, I'd just feel too bad.
Cartman:Well Kyle, then what you have to do is go outside the normal circles and try to make friends with people who've never heard of Kip.
Kyle:I've been trying! But I just don't know how to make totally new friends on the Internet.
Cartman:It's not as hard as it sounds, Kyle. Have you ever heard of chatroulette?
Kyle:No. What's chatroulette?
[Cartman's room, later. Cartman is at his computer while Kyle sits on a chair looking on]
Cartman:Yep, finding new friends is easier today than ever before. We just set ourselves up on web cam, and then the computer will randomely put us with one of the fifty thousand people online also doing chatroulette.
Kyle:Hey, uh that's, that's kinda cool.
Cartman:Uh huh. Alright, let's see who our first chat partner is. Connect.
Kyle:[a look of disgust comes over him] Aww, that's some dude jacking off! [turns away quickly]
Cartman:Oh yeah, you get those sometimes. We'll just click to the next person. There we go. Hello?
Kyle:That's just a guy's penis too!
Cartman:Okay let's, let's try this one.
Kyle:[turns away quickly] Dude, I don't wanna see a bunch of guys' penises!
Cartman:Hold on, Kyle! This is seriously an amazing gathering place where people from all over the world can share their thoughts and ideas. [goes onto the next person] Okay, that's a dude jacking off, but... 'Kay, dude jacking off... Penis... Penis... Penis penis penis. Ah! Here's a guy! Hey dude, how's it going?
Dude:[waves] Hey.
Cartman:This is my friend Kyle. He's looking for some new friends.
Dude:Oh yeah? [leaves his chair and goes to the other end of his room, turns around, unzips his pants]
Cartman:Ohh, he's taking out his penis. Okay, next guy...
Kyle:Dude, screw this! I don't wanna see anymore!
Cartman:Kyle, this is the way the world works! If you wanna find some quality friends, you've gotta wade through all the dicks first!
[The game grid. Stan walks around]
Stan:Excuse me. Could you tell me what the hell's going on?
Tom Davis:No, you aren't my friend. Would you like to be my friend?
Stan:No, I seriously don't want any more friends.
Tom Davis:Ignore. [turns to talk to another profile] So anyway, I really like taking long walks in the summer, you know, because there's like
Stan:Okay I'll be your friend.
Tom Davis:[turnsn back to Stan] Confirm. [both of them feel a surge of energy in their game suits, shown by the suits lighting up, then it disappears] Oooo, Tom Davis is thrilled to have become powerful by adding a new friend. Here are some pictures of my dog. And here he is in some silly outfits. Can you comment on these?
Guard:[comes up behind Stan] Move it, profile!
Tom Davis:Oh oh.
Stan:Why oh oh?
Profile 5:They're taking him to the gaming arena.
Tom Davis:Looks like I'm gonna be down a friend. [the guards escort Stan to the arena, shocking him once in a while. Another profile appears next to him]
Referee:You are about to face each other in combat! You will play the game for the amusement of the users! [the arena is activated and Stan and the other profile are sent in] Let the game commence! [they face each other and virtual bikes pop up under them, lifting them off the floor. The bikes are replaced with a table and two stools and a guard brings a game of Yahtzee to the table.]
Referee:One round only! Begin! [the opposing profile rolls first, leaves a pair of 3s and scoops up three dice, rolls again]
Profile 6:Uhhh, I'm gonna count five in my five box.
Stan:Can't we play on speeder bikes or something?
Guard:[shocks him] Play, profile!
Stan:[rolls and gets five 4s] Yahtzee. [the other profile gasps and vanishes in a fair bit of pain]
[Cartman's room, later. Cartman is still clicking through chatroulette chatters.]
Cartman:Dude jacking off... Dude jacking off... [coughs to claer his throat] That's a dude jacking off...
Kyle:That's it Cartman, I'm outta here! [walks to the bedroom door] Chatroulette is no way for me to find new friends! [about to open the door]
Cartman:Waitwait wait wait, wait Kyle! [Kyle turns and goes back to Cartman's desk.] Here's a nice little Jewish kid. Hey, hi there.
Cartman:Yeah hey, nice to meet you. My friend Kyle is a Jew too.
Boy:Oh that's cool. I was startin' to think this was nothin' but dudes jackin' off.
Kyle:Hey, so... do you wanna be Facebook friends?
Boy:Uhh, sure. If you'll come and visit my farm.
Kyle:Heck yeah I'll visit your farm! You should check mine out too!
[The Drordy house, day, kitchen. Mr. Drordy reads The World News, Mrs. Drordy is drying dishes]
Kip's Dad:Honey, where's Kip? I haven't seen him all day.
Kip's Mom:No, he's been out spending the whole day with his best friend Kyle. I think they're at the moview now.
[The Bijou. Kip is in the audience enjoying the hell out of himself. He's watching a 3D movie with everyone else, as they're all wearing 3D glasses. He spills some popcorn onto an open laptop he brought with him. Kyle's Facebook page appears on the leptop screen. Kipt takes out a camera and snaps a shot of himself and his laptop]
[The gaming arena. The referee is angry...]
Referee:Troublemaker! You were not supposed to survive the game of Yahtzee! You have made things complicated!
Stan:I've made them complicated?! I don't even wanna be here!
Referee:That's not what your profile said.
Stan:My profile? Goddamnit my Facebook profile has taken on a life of its own! Where is it?!
Referee:Your profile is one of the most powerful in all of Facebook. You cannot stop it now.
Stan:Oh yeah? I can try! [turns around and walks through a wall]
Referee:After him!
[Kyle's Facebook page. Kyle is working on his farm again]
Kyle:Okay, I fed the pigs. Now I definitely should water some fields... Oh wow, cool. That Jewish kid put up a sign on my farm. "Hey Kyle, really like your farm." Oh awesome! [a new sound is heard] What the hell is that? Stan? [Stan appears on Kyle's farm and walks to the middle of the screen]
Stan:You're an asshole, Kyle!
Kyle:[perplexed] ...What?
Stan:What's the one thing I told you?! That I didn't wanna get sucked into Facebook! This is all your fault!
Kyle:[looks around making sure the coast is clear] Dude, w-what are you doing?
Stan:What's it look like I'm doing?! I found your farm in Facebook so you can help me deal with this bullshit! You've gotta go check out my profile status!
Kyle:Profile status?
Stan:Just bring up my Facebook page and see what it says my status is!
Kyle:Well, Stan I have to harvest my crops before it's too late.
Stan:Dude! Fuck your crops! [walks up to Kyle's corn and starts ripping the stalks up]
Kyle:Dode! Dode okay! Stop! I'm sorry! [pulls up Stan's status] Says that you are currently... hosting an online chat party for all your friends.
Kyle:Café World.
Stan:Son of a bitch! [runs back to the barn he came out of]
Kyle:An online chat party for all his friends... Dude, I should get over there!
[Café World. Stan approaches the entrance, which has a sign next to it: "Friends of Stan Marsh Online Chat Party". He enters and is overwhelmed by the number of people in the café]
Stan:Jesus Christ.
Randy's profile:Randy Marsh is at work right now. Work is boring.
Butters' profile:Butters Stotch is enjoying Stan's chat party.
Garrison's profile:Herbert Garrison likes Butters' comment.
Grandma Marsh's profile:Grandma Marsh would like to be friends with Kevin Donahue.
Kevin Donahue's profile:Kevin Donahue accept's Grandma Marsh's friendship.
Stan:Has anybody seen my stupid profile?!
Susan92's profile:Susan92 has pictures of Stan in a bunny costume.
Gary Johnson's profile:Gary Johnson thinks the pictures are fantastic!
Kyle:Wow, there's a lot of profiles here. Kyle Broflovski's amazed Stan has so many Facebook friends. Hey, Kyle Broflovski's amazed Isiah is also a Facebook friend of Stan's.
Isiah:Isiah's order is on leaving Kyle Broflovski as a friend.
Kyle:What? Why?
Isiah:User saw you were friends with Kip Grordy, who only has one friend. Kyle Broflovski is bad friend stock.
Kyle:Oh n-no, I'm not really friends with him.
Kyle:Unh, that does it!
Stan:Alright alright, enough! Everybody just shut up! [everyone shuts up and looks at him] Where is profile Stan Marsh! [the room begins to rumble]
Profile Stan Marsh:[rising from the ground] Right here.
[Kyle's room, night. Kyle is at his desk thinking about how to break the news to Kip]
Kyle:I'm sorry, Kip, but I really can't be your friend anymore. It was a great ride, but I must say goodbye. This is the hardest thingk I've ever had to do, but ending a friendship... is never easy. [moves the cursor to the Send button and clicks it. Wioth the message sent, Kyle moves the cursor to the left side of the screen and selects "Remove from Friends," and clicks that. A popup window shows up: "Kip Drordy - Remove from Friends?" He clicks on "Remove from Friends" and Facebook tells him his friend is removed.]
[Kip's room, night. He's at his computer typing along happily when he sees Kyle's message. He's disheartened. Kyle disappears from his friend list and he's back down to 0 friends. Kip leaves his stool and walks over to a wall on which he has a large picture of Kyle. He takes the picture down and returns to his stool, and sighs.]
[The gaming arena. Stan and his profile face off.]
Stan:What do you want from me, dude?!
Profile Stan Marsh:I'm your profile, and as you can see, I am much more powerful than you.
Stan:Damnit I should have deleted you a long time ago!
Profile Stan Marsh:Why do you thnk I brought you in here? The fact of the matter is I'm up and running now with almost a million friends. I don't need you anymore. I have more friends than you'll ever have in the real world.
Stan:Who cares? Friends shouldn't be some kind of... commodity for a person's status!
Profile Stan Marsh:Who is more powerful? The user or the profile? Let's end this once and for all. [the Yahtzee platform appears under them]
Referee:Let the final battle begin! [the crowd drops down, or the platform rises. Hard to tell. The table and two stools appear and a guard brings the Yahtzee board game over]
Stan:Fuckin' Yahtzee again? Seriously? [his giant profile takes a seat and rolls the dice]
Profile Stan Marsh:What did I tell you?! That's a large flush already! You don't have a chance in here, user! You pathetic little-
Profile Stan Marsh:What?!
Stan:Yahtzee. Sixes.
Profile Stan Marsh:No. Can't be.
Profile Stan Marsh:No! Ahhhhh. [vanishes in a fair bit of pain. After some silence, Stan disappears from the arena and is reassembled back on his chair at home]
[Stan's room, moments later.]
Stan:Awgh! [catches his breath. With his profile destroyed, Stan sees that he has 0 friends.] Oh thank God.
Randy:Hey Stan, my computer says we're not friends anymore?
Stan:My Facebook profile went rogue, Dad. I had to go into the circuitry and do battle with it. I sent all my friends somewhere else.
Randy:Oh okay. So we're, we're not friends, then?
Stan:Fuck off, Dad. [turns off the monitor and leaves his desk.]
[Kip's room, night. Kip is waiting by his computer for a friend, any friend, to appear and become his friend friend. A sound is heard and all of a sudden Kip has a lot of friends - 845,323 of them - and he's shocked. Then he gets excited all over again. He dances and jumps on his stool.]
[End of You Have 0 Friends.]