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Episode 507 - Proper Condom Use


Sharon and Randy Marsh
Principal Victoria
Richard Tweek
Stuart McCormick
Sheila and Gerald Broflovski
Mark the pharmacist and Assistant
"The Miracle of Child Birth" Narrator

[South Park, day. A car with a woman seated in it appears on a hill — Jennifer Lopez doll with car, and some damage from the firecracker last time.]
Stan:[voice only] "So, we meet again, Jennifer Lopez!"
Kyle:[face appears] "No, no, please! This time I swear I won't make albums or movies."
Stan:[face appears] "That's what you said last time [pulls out a magnifying glass from his back pocker], but obviously we must now resort to more drastic measures" [moves the magnifying glass over the doll's body and fixes it there, focusing the sun's rays into a point]
Kyle:[fakes a cry] "Oh God it burns! It bur-huhurns!"
Stan:"Scream for me, bitch!"
Kyle:"AAAAAAAH!" [the doll's head begins to melt and shrivel, then Stan removes the magnifying glass]
Stan, Kyle:Whoa! Awesome!
Cartman:[runs up excitedly] Ey you guys! You guys! Come 'ere, you guys, come check this out!
Stan:Oh no, what now?
Cartman:No, you guys, this is really cool. Come on! [goes away, and Stan and Kyle follow]
[Kenny's house, later. Cartman, Stan, and Kyle approach the house. Kenny's on the front lawn with a dog, and the other boys join him]
Kyle:What's this all about, Kenny?
Kenny:(Wait until you see what I can do to the dog!)
Cartman:Watch this. It's sooo funny. [grins] Come 'ere, dog, come on. [giggles as he starts pleasing the dog] Good dog. [the dog rolls over on its back and Cartman starts stroking the dog's penis] Red rocket red rocket. [Stan and Kyle look at each other. Kenny starts to laugh and clap, and the dog's penis lengthens] Red rocket. Red rocket. [chuckles] Come on. [giggles]
Stan:Cartman, what the hell are you doing?
Cartman:I'm milking the dog. They make dog milk.
Kyle:No they don't!
Kenny:(Yeah they do!)
Cartman:[continues milking] Yeah, just hold on a minute. The fifth graders showed us how to do it. [concentrates on the dog] Red rocket. Come on, dog, red rocket! [the dogs ejaculates, and the semen lands on Cartman's face] Ohooohhh
Stan:Whoa, cool! [the dog quickly stands up and walks off]
Kyle:That's awesome!
Cartman:I told you guys.
Stan:I had no idea dogs made milk; do it again.
Cartman:[sighs] Dumbass, you can only milk a dog once every few hours. It doesn't work if you beat off the dog again right away.
Kyle:You "beat off?"
Cartman:[rolls his eyes up] That's what it's called when you milk a dog: beating it off. [looks at Kenny] Don't you guys know anything?
Stan:Wow, you learned all this from the fifth graders?
Cartman:Yeah, I guess they thought we were cool, so they showed us how to do it-hey come here, dog. Dog, come here! [laughs as a gray dog approaches]
[Stan's house, night. Sharon is holding court in the living room, in a circle of chairs. She and Randy have eight guests over for some discussion...]
Sharon:I was really happy with this month's book. I agree with what Bob and Linda said-
Stan:[rushes in with Sparky] Mom! Dad! You gotta see this!
Sharon:Not now, Stanley. This is Mommy and Daddy's book club night, remember?
Stan:But it's super-cool!
Sharon:Later, sweetie. [to the group] Anyway, I found myself enticed by Steinbeck's imagery.
Man:Uh the first chapter alone was filled with poetry.
Sharon:[Stan takes the dog and sets up near the table, away from the club circle] Oh, wasn't it? I mean, the first sentence: [reads from "Cannery Row." Stan starts: "Red rocket. Red rocket, Sparky. Red rocket."] "Cannery Row in Monterey in California-" ["Red rocket. Red rocket, Sparky. Red rocket."] "-is a poem, a stink, a grating noise..." [The other adults lean in to see the action in the background. "Red rocket. Red rocket, Sparky."] It's amazing how with three images [Mrs. Tweek covers her mouth as Mr. Tweek looks on, surprised] he puts you right there, and...
Stan:[his parents turn at the sound of his voice] Red rocket, red rocket!
Randy:[recognizes the activity] WAAAH!
Sharon:Stanley, what the hell are you doing?!
Stan:I'm beating off the dog. Red rocket, red rocket. [the other adults turn away or show shocked looks]
Sharon:[both parents now standing] STANLEY, YOU GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!
Stan:My room? Why?
Sharon:Go, Stanley! [he walks off to his room. Sparky looks at the group, then gets up and follows Stan out, with penis still erect. Sharon turns around and says sheepishly] Ahaha, ahem. Heheh, he, he gets very good grades.
[Stan's house, later. His parents have entered his room, quite upset at his behavior earlier. Stan rests his head on his hands.]
Sharon:Stanley, do you know why you're being grounded for ten months?
Randy:Beating off the dog is not appropriate when we have company! [Sharon glances at him] Ah I mean, ever! Beating off the dog is not appropriate ever!
Stan:Why?! What's the big deal?!
Sharon:Stanley, don't you understand what you are doing??
Stan:I was doing "red rocket" to make the dog's milk come out.
Randy:No, Stan! What you were doing to the dog was-ss sexual.
Sharon:You were stimulating the dog, Stanley! What came out of him was his... r-Randy?!
Randy:Well, you know, when you do that to a m-male... the... eh eh you make his... stuff come out. [Stan looks confused] Well, Jesus, haven't they taught you these things at school?!
Stan:What things??
Sharon:Sexual education. Haven't you learned that yet?
Sharon:Oh. Look, well, you see, Stanley,... Well, your school should be teaching this stuff!
Randy:Yeah! Let's get that damned school on the phone! [walks out the door. Sharon follows him out. Stan looks ahead blankly]
[South Park PTA meeting, night. The parents are there, clamoring and arguing. ]
Principal Victoria:Okay, parents. I know a lot of you want a chance to speak, but we have to talk one at a time.
Sharon:[stands] Look, our kids are learning sexual things on the street and on television. There's no way we can stop it. The schools have to teach them sexual education at a younger age.
Principal Victoria:School policy has been to teach sexual education later. In the fifth grade.
Mr. Tweek:It isn't soon enough.
Stuart:Yeah. Why, just this afternoon our son was caught beatin' off our dog. [Randy and Sharon look at each other in recognition of the act]
Chef:Look, parents. Do you really want your children learning about sex? Part of the fun of being a kid is being naive! Let them be kids for a while.
Ms. Choksondik:Naive at what cost, Chef? Parents, we have to face facts: Children in America are having sex at younger and younger ages. STDs are affecting younger and younger kids all the time. The only way we can combat that is by educating children before they have sex.
Chef:The first thing that kids learn about sex shouldn't be some bitch-scare tactic about STDs.
Sheila:[rising] No, she's right! With all the teen pregnancies that are out today, I think my boy does need to know about sexual education. [sits, then rises again] From the school.
Adults:Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah, we have to.
[South Park Elementary, day. "Fourth Garde B" is shown on a classroom door. Sixteen boys are present.]
Mr. Mackey:Okay, boys, this is the first day of sexual education, m'kay? Now, I know that some of you think this is very funny. Words like "penis" and "vagina." [Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman stifle some giggles] Nuh now STOP that, m'kay! We're goin' tuh get through this by being mature and grown up, m'kay. [turns and goes over to turn off the light, and turn on the projector with a remote control. Color cross-sections of male and female anatomies show up on the screen. Mackey jabs the screen with his pointer. The boys, especially Kyle, analyze the pictures. Mackey then points to the male anatomy] Now, this is the male anatomy, m'kay. Here we see the testes and the scrotum. [Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman stifle some more giggles] STOP that, m'kay! The next person that laughs is gonna get a referral! [the boys stop quick] M'kay. Now, in order to have intercourse, the man takes his penis, and he... hmmm... uhh... [slows his speech a bit] let's see: the the man takes his penis, and he... hm.
Stan:Dude, haven't you ever had intercourse, Mr. Mackey?
Mr. Mackey:Well, sure I have! It's just... I was about 19 at the time, so it's been about 21 years... m'kay. Let's see, uh... [turns around and starts again] I'm pretty sure I took th-yeah I took the penis, and I bu- uh what the hell did I do with that damned thimg??
[South Park Elementary, day. "Fourth Garde" is shown on a classroom door — this is Ms. Choksondik's room. Twelve girls are present.]
Ms. Choksondik:Alright girls, even though this may be stuff you don't want to hear, you need to hear it.
Wendy:Oh, we wanna hear it, Ms. Choksondik. We're excited.
Bebe:Yeah, we think it's gonna be fun!
Ms. Choksondik:Fun! It's going to be fun! Well let's start with our first lesson, then, shall we? [writes on the board] SEXUALLY TRANSMITTTED DISEASES!! [the girls sit quietly] That's right, because unless you get boys to wear condoms you can and will get a sexually transmitted disease from them! How fun is that, hmmm?! Is that fun?
Wendy:I didn't mean that-
Ms. Choksondik:Today over 20,000 Americans will contract a sexual disease! TODAY! Twelve thousand more tomorrow! And the reason is that you girls wake up in the morning and say, "It's not going to happen to me." You say, "Oh, Ms. Choksondik, that happens to girls in Detroit, in Brooklyn, but not here in Colorado." WRONG! [the girls look chastened] Gonorrhea, herpes, clamydia, HPV, HIV, syphillis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, the list goes on and on! These are serious diseases! They have serious consequences! [the girls are definitely afraid] You think that sex is about fun and games and love? [now with a folder in her left hand] Wrong! Sex is about disease! Here's a little picture of herpes.
Ms. Choksondik:And here's a little syphillis for you!
Ms. Choksondik:That's right, girls. Here's what happens when you don't get boys to use condoms!
[The school kitchen, lunch.]
Chef:Hello there, children.
Boys:Hey Chef.
Chef:How is sexual education class going?
Stan:It's dumb. Mr. Mackey doesn't teach us nothin'.
Chef:Yeah, I don't think Ol' Mackey knows a hymen from a hysterectomy. And Choksondik? I'd be surprised if she's ever gotten laid in her life.
Kyle:Yeah... Chef, what's "laid"?
Chef:...Oh, nothin'. Now, move along, children, you're holdin' up the line.
[The school cafeteria, moments later. The boys exit the kitchen. Behind them are Tweek, Butters, Kevin and Timmy.]
Kyle:Hey! Maybe we should ask the girls what they learned in sex ed.
Stan:Yeah. [they approach the girls] Hey Wendy, did you guys get-
Girls:AAAAHHH! [hurry away from their table]
Kyle:What the hell is wrong with them? [the boys move towards the girls, who now have their backs against the far wall]
Stan:You guys, we just wanna know if you-
Wendy:Stay away from me, Stan!
Wendy:Are you wearing a condom?
Stan:...A what?
Bebe:Do any of you have your condoms on?
Wendy:Don't you know that without wearing a condom you could get a disease?
Kyle:Nuh uh.
Bebe:Yuh huh! If you don't wear a condom, you're gonna get AIDS.
Butters:Oh, jeez. Ah I don't wanna get the AIDS, fellas.
Kyle:Is that what you learned in sex ed?
Cartman:Mr. Mackey didn't say nothin' about that.
Stan:Dude, Mr. Mackey didn't know anything about anything.
Wendy:You guys have to wear condoms. Now, please, just, just go away. We don't want your AIDS.
Stan:[moves towards Wendy] But Wendy, we don't understand how thatt-
Girls:AAAAHHH! [they throw their food up in the air and scatter, leaving the boys confused]
Kyle:Oh my God, dude.
Butters:Uh what are we gonna do, huh?
Stan:Dude, we gotta go get condoms quick.
Boys:Yeah. [they set their meals down at nearby tables and walk away. Cartman returns for his meal and takes it with him]
[South Park pharmacy. The boys go in: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Clyde, Token, Butters, Kevin, Tweek, and Timmy]
Pharmacist:Can I help you boys?
Stan:Yeah, we need condoms!
Pharmacist:[looks at them funny] Condoms.
Kyle:Yeah. Quick!
Pharmacist:How old are you boys?
Stan:Why does that matter?
Butters:Ha-I'll be nine next week.
Pharmacist:Sorry, kids, I'm not selling you condoms.
Kyle:Well why not? You want us to get AIDS?
Pharmacist:I just don't think kids your age should be-
Assistant:[intervening] Mark, we have to be willing to supply condoms to anyone who requests them.
Mark:But... they're... children!
Assistant:Would you rather them do it unprotected?
Cartman:Yeah, you want us unprotected, asshole?!
Mark:I just think that all this sex ed and condom talk in elementary school is wrong!
Assistant:Kids are going to do what they do, and it's up to us to make sure they're protected.
Stan:Well, I'm glad this lady's on our side.
Mark:I don't think we have any that'll even fit them!
Assistant:Sure we do. We just got in the new Gladiators for kids. 'Lil Mini's. They're specially designed for kids under 10, and they're only five ninety five for a box of fifty.
Butters:Fifty?? Uh, can't we just use the same one every day?
Assistant:No, you have to change it.
Kyle:Oh, jeez, we're gonna have to buy tons of these things.
[Ms. Choksondik's house, night. Mr. Mackey has come by for a visit. Books sit on two tables and the floor]
Mr. Mackey:Uh thanks so much for letting me come over, Ms. Choksondik.
Ms. Choksondik:Oh, it's no problem, Mr. Mackey. It's probably best we come up with a lesson plan together anyway.
Mr. Mackey:Yeah I've already gone over most of the basics, you know, uh with the boys, but I uh... eh just wanted to see what else you were teaching the girls, in case I... "missed" anything.
Ms. Choksondik:[reaches for a book and opens it] Well we should make sure our students are good and scared of the consequences. We have to teach them that diseases are possible even with just oral sex.
Mr. Mackey:Right! Oral sex, which of course would be...
Ms. Choksondik:[reading, then she looks at him] Using your mouth on the penis or vagina.
Mr. Mackey:Penis or vagina, right. Oral sex, m'kay.
Ms. Choksondik:It's just too bad these girls are having sex so young.
Mr. Mackey:Yeah, why d-uh, did you?
Ms. Choksondik:Did I what?
Mr. Mackey:Well uh, how long did you wait before you had... uh... doobers.
Ms. Choksondik:Well, if you must know, I'm still somewhat of a virgin. [thinks, then quickly adds] But I'm not ashamed of it! [begins to tell her story] I wasn't sought after much in high school or college. [rises and moves off some distance] I was made fun of most of my life for having such large glasses. [looks down at her rims] The only boyfriend I ever had was this attractive popular boy named Steven Garrett. I liked him very much, but I... found out that he was dating me because he lost a bet on the Superbowl. The loser had to go out with me for three days.
Mr. Mackey:Oh, I'm... I'm sorry.
Ms. Choksondik:People can be very cruel. Anyway, I know it's hard to understand.
Mr. Mackey:Ah actually I understand perfectly. I... I wasn't exactly the captain of the football team, either, huh huh, hehehuh, [softly] anyhow [normal] And then as I got older my... my head just sorta seemed to get bigger while the rest of my body stayed the same. That's how I got my nickname in college. [places the book on the side table]
Ms. Choksondik:Your nickname?
Mr. Mackey:"That guy with the really big head."
Ms. Choksondik:...Right.
Mr. Mackey:Anyway, I... I sort of lost any confidence and fourd it possible to ever ask a woman out, mm, hm mm.
Ms. Choksondik:Wow, I've... never met a man who is... as sexually unappealing as me.
Mr. Mackey:Neither have I.
Ms. Choksondik:[pause] Well, I'm quite happy without sex. I mehean, with all the diseases and problems out there, who needs it, right?
Mr. Mackey:Uh not me! [they both giggle.] Huhuh, okay.
Ms. Choksondik:Well, back to the lesson plan, then.
Mr. Mackey:Right. [gets the book again]
Ms. Choksondik:Okay. [they both open their books] "Oral Sex"
[Bus stop, day. The boys are gathered there waiting...]
Stan:Doesn't it give any other directions?
Butters:Nope. It looks like you're just supposed to roll it over your weiner. [takes a condom out and gives the bag ti Kyle] "If used properly, latex condoms are effective against pregnancy, AIDS and other studzes"
Kyle:Uh, what are "studzes"
Butters:How the heck should I know? [removes the wrapper from the condom] Why, it's just a little doughnut. [squeezes it a little] Hoh- it's all gooey.
Cartman:Just put it on, Butters.
Butters:Ha-a how come I gotta go first?
Cartman:Butters, will you stop ff-fili-bustering?
Butters:Ma-a-a-a-a-a alright, man. [turns his back to the camera and drops his pants, then slips the condom on] O-o-o-o-h, it's sticky.
Kyle:It says you gotta check it for holes or tears.
Butters:I don't even understand how this thing... ooh, wait. Oh, I see. [Cartman leans in for a better look]
Stan:Don't look at Butters' schlong, gaymo!
Cartman:I wasn't looking as his schlong, I was seeing how to put the condom on!
Butters:But it won't stay on. I I need a rubber band or somethin'.
Tweek:Ah I got rubber bands. [pulls a few out and walks over to Butters. Butters takes one]
Butters:[tubber band snaps in place] Ow! Huhuh, ow! Okay, eh. [snap] Ow! There. Okay, I think it's on.
Stan:How do you feel?
Butters:...Pretty good.
Cartman:Do you feel protected?
Butters:Yeah, there ain't nothin' that's gettin' in my weiner through this thing? A-and it's even got a little reservoir at the end so you can... pee in it.
Stan:Alright, here, everybody. [begins to move from his end to the other, visiting each of the boys] Tweek, give everyone a rubber band. Hey, somebody's gotta help Timmy put his condom on.
[South Park Elementary, day. Principal Victoria has called the teachers together in her office. Chef is there as well.]
Principal Victoria:Teachers, I have some bad news. Last night I received a phone call from the local pharmacist. Apparently, almost all of our fourth graders are sexually active. And now that we've scared them a little they're buying condoms to use.
Ms. Choksondik:I knew it! Well, at least we scared them enough to protect themselves. But now maybe you'll believe me when I say that we need to be teaching even younger than fourth grade.
Principal Victoria:But how old do you think a student should be when they learn about proper condom use?
Ms. Choksondik:...Kindergarten.
Ms. Choksondik:We've got to get to the students before they start having... sex. Nu-not after.
Chef:Aw, now this is getting ridiculous!
Mr. Adler:I have to agree with Ms. Choksondik. It's our responsibility to make sure our kids are safe if they're gonna screw around.
Principal Victoria:I guess we have no choice.
[Kindergarten, next day.]
Mr. Garrison:Okay, children, who can tell me what a condom is? [puts a box of Gladiator condoms on the table. The kindergartners look at him, and finally a girl raises her hand] Yes, Jenny?
Jenny:It flies around and it's endangered.
Mr. Garrison:That's a con-dor, Jenny. Con-dor. [holds up the box] Con-doms are what we use to stop the spread of STDs. [Filmore raises his hand] Yes, Filmore?
Filmore:Can we do fingerpaint?
Mr. Garrison:NO, we can't do fingerpaint! You kids wanna get herpes?! Huh?! How about a nice bucket of AIDS?! Sound good?! Now pay attention, alright? I'm going to show you the proper way to put on a condom. [puts a phallus on the table] First of all you remove the condom from its package. [demonstrates] Then you find which way the condom rolls out. [demonstrates] Put it in your mouth... [puts it in his mouth] And apply. [proceeds to do so. The kids watch on astonished, and one of the boys finally cries. Mr. Garrison finishes and raises his head] And it's as simple as that. Any questions?
[Ms. Choksondik's classroom, same time.]
Ms. Choksondik:Alright girls. Yesterday we went over the myriad of diseases you can get from boys, but today we're going to talk about the most horrible they can give you of all. [writes on the board] PREGNANCY! [turns around] That's right, since you girls have decided to be sexually active, teen pregnancy is at an all-time high! You seem to think it's gonna be fun and neat to have a baby-well, let's watch a little video, shall we?! [goes towards the door and wheels back a TV cart with VCR, and turns on the TV.]
Narrator:["The Miracle of Child Birth"] Snacky S'mores presents: The Miracle of Child Birth. [shot of the girls watching] The time is drawing close for delivery. Here we can see the water breaking.
Girls:Eeeeww. [as the narrator speaks, the girls get more and more shocked]
Narrator:Later, the contractions are happening closer together. Mom sure is in a lot of pain. Now we can see the crown of the baby's head, stretching the vaginal walls in ways never before thought possible by Mom. Finally, the miracle happens, and the baby is born. [Screen shot of baby being handled by the doctor is shown] but Mom's not done yet.
Narrator:She still got some afterbirth to push out of her. [shot of afterbirth being pushed out]
Girls:AAAAAAAA!!!! [they get out of their seats and rush out of the room]
Narrator:That's right.
Ms. Choksondik:[follows the girl to the door] Girls! Girls! Where are you going?! [gets no answer, but she sees Mr. Mackey in front of her, in the hallway ending at her door, about to enter another door. She looks down and notices his butt, and just stands there...]
[Mr. Mackey's class, later. Some of the boys, including Stan and Kyle, have their hands over their crotches.]
Stan:Man, this condom's driving crazy.
Kyle:Yeah. I've changed mine three times already 'cuase it itches so much.
Cartman:Yeah, but it makes going to the bathroom easier. [takes a condom just filled with urine and tosses it at the trashcan. It hits the side and splatters the urine next to the can.]
Mr. Mackey:[enters with briefcase and books] Alright, boys, I now have all the information I need to teach you the female anatomy, hm'kay. [tosses the briefcase and books onto his desk and moves towards the light switch, grinning. He turns off th elights and starts the projector] M'kay, this part here is the vaginal opening. [a picture of the female reproductive system. He points to the opening. Cartman works on a new condom] This is where the man puts his- Eric, what the hell are you doing?
Cartman:I'm putting on a new condom. I filed the other one up.
Mr. Mackey:Why are you wearing a condom?
Cartman:So I don't get AIDS.
Mr. Mackey:Eric, you can't get AIDS from just sitting around, you have to get it from sex.
Stan:From sex??
Mr. Mackey:Yes.
Kyle:You mean, intercourse with a girl?
Mr. Mackey:Yes! Now will you all pay attention, please?! The vagina and the clitoris are on the outside, and they are in fact very easily visible to the naked eye.
Stan:All this time... It's the girls that give us diseases!
Cartman:I knew it! Girls lie! They lie right to your face!
Mr. Mackey:Now here we can see the interior female anatomy. Things like the uterus and the ovaries are on the inside
Kyle:Well that does it! If us boys are going to live, we have to get rid of the girls!
Stan:Yeah, come on guys, this is war! [leaves his seat and heads for the door. The other boys follow]
Boys:[among their statements] Yeah! That's right! Come on! [The last of the boys leaves, and Mr. Mackey notices. He begins to daydream. The generic female drawing turns into one of Ms. Choksondik, and he grins. He goes to the screen again, and moves his hand over the image]
Mr. Mackey:And here we see the tender, magical uterus. Here we see the enticing, voluptuous Fallopian tubes, m'kay.
[Mr. Garrison's room, later]
Mr. Garrison:Okay, children, now I wanna review the different sexual positions. Who can tell me which sexual positions we talked about?
Filmore:[raises his hand] Miss'nary position?
Mr. Garrison:[turns around and writes the position] Missionary position, good. A little boring, but tried and true. What else?
Mr. Garrison:[turns around and writes the position] That's right. Doggie style we went over, mhm.
Boy:Pile driver?
Mr. Garrison:[turns around and writes the position] Uh huh, pile driver position. Good, Quaid.
Flora:The Filthy Sanchez?
Mr. Garrison:[turns around and writes the position] Yes, good Flora, you remembered the Filthy Sanchez.
Boy 2:Hot Karl?
Mr. Garrison:[turns around and writes the position] Yes,you can give your partner the ol' Hot Karl, sure.
[A barren field near the school, day. An army of boys comes in from a distance in makeshift military vehicles. Butters is wearing a hockey mask. Clyde comes up and stops them.]
Clyde:There, you see? The girls have built some kind of stronghold to keep us out. [the stronghold has a moat and reads: "Boys Keep Out"]
Wendy:[at the helm of a gun turret] Stay away from us, bastards! We don't wanna get pregnant!
Bebe:Yeah! Just take your diseases and go away forever!
Stan:Ha! They're your diseases!
Kyle:Yeah! You get out of town!
Cartman:Here, talk to them, Butters.
Butters:[lifts up his mask] Uh, me?? Huh, what the heck am I supposed to say?
Cartman:Just tell them that if they leave town peacefully, we won't have to resort to violence.
Butters:[lowers his mask and speaks into the mike. A deep raspy voice comes out] Just walk away. You can put a stop to all this. Just walk away and we will spare your lives. Just walk away.
Kyle:[to Stan] Man, he's pretty good.
Bebe:We'll never walk away. Never! [tosses a boomerang towards the boys. Clyde ducks as the bommerang comes towards him, and Kenny is struck dead]
Kenny:(Waa-ooo!) [falls back and expires]
Cartman:Oh, bitch!
Stan:That does it! Attack! [the boys rush the stronghold]
[Ms. Choksondik's house, at that moment. They have books open]
Mr. Mackey:M'kay, so apparently the lesson plan tomorrow is s'posed to involve the secretion of bodily fluids, m'kay.
Ms. ChoksondikI've already gone through that with the girls. [closes her book and sets it down] It's pretty simple. Do you wanna drink?
Mr. Mackey:Why, sure. [she goes to get drinks] Hey uh I think I can... get through that stuff pretty quick, mm... [he gets a good look at her derriere] Uh, maybe we should come up with a lesson plan.
Ms. Choksondik[hands Mr. Mackey his drink] Something about how nerve endings play an important part in intercourse. [sits down]
Mr. Mackey:Uh, right, right, uh, like in the ...nipples.
Ms. ChoksondikOr the... shaft... of the penis? [they look away from each other]
Mr. Mackey:It... says here that the uh, head of the penis is actually the... most sensitive... part, m'kay.
Ms. ChoksondikUh yes. The nerve endings are the most concentrated at- the- tip of the penis. Like they are in the... [looks at him. They draw close to each other] clitoris of the woman.
Mr. Mackey:And these... are the two areas most important to-
Ms. ChoksondikSexual stimulation. [they kiss quick, then kiss full and long. Some love music comes up. She pulls back] Oh, is this wrong?
Mr. Mackey:I don't know. It doesn't feel wrong. [they kiss full again] I've been thinking about you a lot, Ms. Choksondik.
Ms. ChoksondikYeah? What do you do when you think about me?
Mr. Mackey:I go crazy.
Ms. ChoksondikDo you touch yourself?
Mr. Mackey:Yeah. Hmm. [they embrace. She takes off his tie. He stands, walks some distance, and takes off his shirt. She stands, takes off her top, and tosses it away. She approaches him and removes his belt. He takes off his pants. She looks at him again and goes down to remove his briefs. She tosses them aside. He bends down to remove her underwear and tosses them aside. She coaxes him down, and he follows]
Ms. Choksondik[writhing] Haawww. Haawww.
Mr. Mackey:G'oh, m'kay.
Ms. ChoksondikOh my God. Oh God, yeah! Stop! Stop!
Mr. Mackey:Huh, what's wrong?
Ms. ChoksondikIt's your turn. [goes down to work on him]
Mr. Mackey:Mm, oh, oh Ms. Choksondik. Okay! Okay!
Ms. Choksondik[gets up] Do you want me?
Mr. Mackey:I do.
Ms. ChoksondikTell me.
Mr. Mackey:I want you. M'kay. [they go down, then moments later quickly get up]
Ms. ChoksondikWait wait wait! Do you have a condom?
Mr. Mackey:Well. No.
Ms. Choksondik[looks into his eyes and then] Oh well, fuck it [they go down, and the consummation begins] Oh God, give it to me! [his ass rises for the first time]
Mr. Mackey:Oh yeah. Woh. [his ass appears again]
Ms. ChoksondikWoh. [his ass appears again] Ooh, that's it baby! That's it!
Mr. Mackey:[his ass appears again] Aw, this feels so good, m'kay. [his ass appears again]
[The empty field. later. The battle is joined. Kids run around seeking positions from which to shoot. Seven boys come up to the stronghold gate. A girl fires a Gatling gun at them from the left side, and they scatter, dropping their weapons]
Boys:WAAAAHHH!! [two boys prepare a Molotov cocktail, and one of them tosses it at the tires on the right side of the gate entrance. The tires go up in flames. The boys run away, and a huge flash explosion rises inside the stronghold]
Girls:Waaaahh!! [they bail out immediately, and a much larger explosion rises, tossing kids away left and right]
[The Marsh house. Randy and Sharon are reading papers when the house moves about as if an earthquake had just rolled by]
Sharon:What the hell was that?
[Ms. Choksondik's house. Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik rise from their activity and look out the window]
Ms. Choksondik:Did you feel something?
[Chef's house. The front door opens and he walks out. He's shocked at what he sees.]
Chef:Oh, no!
[South Park Elementary. The four remaining staff members, Principal Victoria, Mr Garrison, Mr. Adler, and Ms. Chosie, walk out and see the wreckage. Principal Victoria puts her hand over her mouth in dumbfounded shock]
Mr. Garrison:Jesus Christ. [a shot of the burning wreckage, then of Butters, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle looking at the wreckage]
Cartman:Ew, Butters? You're in big trouble now.
[The empty field. later. All the parents have come by to make sure their kids are okay. The wreckage still burns]
Sharon:Well,I don't know what got into you kids. You should be ashamed of yourselves. [in the background paramedics pick up injured kids and put them in ambulances]
Stan:We just didn't want the girls giving us diseases.
Ms. Choksondik:I'm afraid this is all my fault. I... think I went a little overboard scaring the girls. I forgot to tell them that to get diseases from boys you... have to thave sex with them first.
Chef:Well, I hate to say it, but you all got what you deserved.
Chef:Look: Schools are teaching condom use to younger and younger students each say! But sex isn't something that should be taught in textbooks and diagrams. Sex is emotional and spiritual. It needs to be taught by family. I know it can be hard, parents, but if you leave it up to the schools to teach sex to kids, you don't know who they're learning it from. It could be from someone who doesn't know, [a shot of Mr. Mackey] someone who has a bad opinion of it, [a shot of Ms. Choksondik looking around] or even a complete pervert. [a shot of Mr. Garrison]
Mr. Garrison:Wha? Why did you pan to me just now? What the hell is that s'posed to mean?
Ms. Choksondik:He's right. I never knew how special and personal sex was un... until just recently
Sharon:This whole mess started because we couldn't talk to our boy ourselves.
Sheila:It's easier to just leave it up to the school, but it's...just not a school subject.
Principal Victoria:Then it's decided: no more condom classes in grade school.
Stan:But Chef, when is the right age for us to start having sex?
Chef:It's very simple, children. The right time to start having sex is... [close up] 17.
Kyle:Seventeen? [Sheila and Gerald approach]
Sheila:So you mean 17 as long as you're in love?
Chef:Nope, just 17.
Gerald:But, what if you're not ready at 17?
Chef:Seventeen! You're ready. [Stan walks up to Wendy]
Stan:Well, I guess we got a while to wait before we have to worry about sex and diseases, huh, Wendy?
Wendy:Yeah. Thank God.
Cartman:Well, I guess now that that's out of the way, we can get on with our lives. Come here, boy! [a dog enters the scene, and the camera begins to zoom out] That's it. Red rocket, red rocket. Come on, now. Come on, red rocket, dog. Red rocket now.
[End of Proper Condom Use, but Mr. Garrison has a few more things to say]
Mr. Garrison:Okay children, so what other sexual positions have we talked about? Yeah, the wrap-around butt grab. Sure, can't forget that. Uh huh, reverse cowgirl. Good, Kevin. Hot Lunch, sure, she likes that. Donkey Punch, uh huh. Glass-bottom boat. Good one, yes. Fish-eye. Good, Jenny. Chili dog. Mm-hm.