Flash animated Philosophy von M&T

  • Hier drei kurze Filme, die von Matt und Trey produziert wurden:

    Trey Parker, one of the creators of South Park, was raised in Colorado, where his father attempted to teach him Buddhism. Now, years later, Parker and his animation pal Matt Stone have brought to life the teachings of Alan Watts, the comparative religion expert and philosopher. Under the FurryCarlos Productions banner, the two tapped South Park animators Chris Brion and Todd Benson to keyframe three of Watts' recordings, which can be viewed below.


    You woke up this morning,
    got yourself a gun,
    Mama always said you´d be the chosen one.
    She said: You´re one in a million,
    you´ve got to burn to shine,
    but you were born under a bad sign
    with a blue moon in your eyes...