Beiträge von A.W.E.S.O.M-O

    Nicht leicht, aber ich versuchs mal.

    1. Pinkeye, Starvin Marvin, Cartmans mom is a dirty slut;

    2. Merry Christmas Charlie Manson, Gnomes, Ikes Wee wee

    3. The red badge of gayness , hooked on monkey phonics, spontaneous combustion, world wide recorder concert;

    4. Cartman joins nambla, Jerokee hair tampoons, chef goes naners;

    5. Topelie, Scott Tenorman must die, How to eat with your butt

    6. Freak strike, fun with veal, the death camp of tolerance, the biggest douche in the universe, ......

    7. Christian Rock Hard!!!!, Raisins, Crazy Cripples;

    8. Awesomo, The passion of the jew, up the down steroid, good times with weapons, The jeffersons, Goobacks from the future;

    Puh, da waren ein apar harte Entscheidungen dabei. Speziell bei der 6. Staffel sind fast alle folgen saugut.