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    Hmm I haven't seen any of those. Kenny vs Spenny only went 1 season on Comedy Central, then it was picked up by the game show network I think and canceled again. It may be on some obscure channel but I haven't seen any of those. I really want to see who can smoke the most weed, but I think it will end in a draw when both Kenny and Spenny fall asleep half way through.

    Es war ein gute Folge. Ich wünsche den Randy ein größer Role hat. Obwohl, Craig vergnügt war. He gave an outlet for South Park to mock itself, which I enjoyed. Ich habe The Starting 3 gehofft. Oh well. Es könnte besser gewesen sein. Aber, das guineas nett war. Ich liebte guineasaursrex, und es war ein gute Horror Filme spoof.