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40 Fragen von der offiziellen Website

1) Terrance and Phillip remind me a lot of Matt and Trey themselves. Their names are also Trey's initials, is this coincidence? Or was it made to look like that?

Matt: I really don't know how to respond to being compared to a farting, flappy-headed, loudmouth Canadian, but thank you. They are kind of like us in that they love fart jokes. Terrance and Phillip is our answer to the critics who said that South Park was nothing but fart jokes. Oh Yeah?! Well HERE is a show that is really all fart jokes! Trey doesn't remember naming them Terrance and Phillip to signify his name, but maybe he did it subliminally. It was always going to be Terrance and something. But neither of us even noticed it was TP until about year later.

2) Would there ever be a chance of the fans getting the deleted scenes from the movie or the show on VHS or DVD?

Matt: The deleted scenes from the movie were deleted for a very good reason, they SUCKED. That's why they were deleted. Also, parts of many scenes that were deleted ended up in other scenes in other locations. Believe me, if it was good, we figured out a way to get it in the movie.
Trey: Except the infamous turbo-beaver-mobile!

3) How did you come up with Timmy? Was he from "How's your news?" or someone you knew personally?

Trey: Timmy was simply a prop to help pull Kenny's tooth out in the Tooth Fairy epsiode. We liked him so much we called Comedy Central and said we wanted to do a whole show with him to which they promptly said "No." They were afraid of doing a whole show about a handicapped kid. Well, we fought for it and won and the rest is history. Timmy is a real gem. He is not directly inspired by "How's Your News".
Matt: Although he's not based on anyone we know, there is a hint of Marshall Mathers in his smile...

4) Is there some sort of debate with Comedy Central about bleeping out the word shit? I don't understand how you can say it 162 times in one show and not censor it, but a few weeks later censor it out when it's said only once- what's the deal?

Trey: Personally, we don't understand how or why Comedy Central let us say "shit" 162 times either.
Matt: We Just asked. They were excited about the idea and checked with advertisers who were psyched and that was it.
Trey: It was kind of wierd. But cable can honestly do whatever it wants as long as its advertisers say okay. Its not controlled by FCC guidelines like the networks are. Part of the reason they were hip to it was because the entire storyline of the episode relied on it. The reason we bleeped "shit" the next week is just because we thought that was funny, to say it 162 times the week before and then bleep its singular occurance the next.

5) How did you research for Orgazmo? Did you actually get Mormans to come into your house and tell you about their religion? Don't you think it's mean to fake interest in someone's faith just for the purposes of a film?

Trey: I wrote Orgazmo when we were still in Colorado. There are a lot of Mormons there and both Matt and I knew some growing up.
Matt: I had a best friend that was one and Trey actually dated one.
Trey: Yes, we would actually invite missionaries in and grill them about the religion. I don't think this was mean-spirited because the interest in their religion was genuine. We both have read a lot about the Mormon religion, which is really fascinating. If you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City go do the free tour of Temple Square. Good times.

6) All the other boys have hooked up with chicks before. Will Cartman ever get a love interest besides money?

Trey: Cartman is too selfish, and I remember that he did have a thing with Wendy the Flag epsiode I think.
Matt: Yeah, they kiss.

7) What was it like making the Original Spirit of Christmas? Does it look strange to you know that it's all done on computers? Do you miss the crappy cut out animation or do you like the sharper streamlined version better?

Matt: The Original Spirit of Xmas was made in Trey's Basement when one thanksgiving weekend. It is amazing how far the show has come since sitting around cutting out construction paper. But then again, it still looks like shit. We (and obviously our animators, chiefly Eric Stough) worked very hard to duplicate that distinctive "shitty" look that is so key to South Park. I personally wish we could do the whole show on construction paper but then we could probably only do about 2 episodes a year. It just takes forever.

8) Do you plan on renewing your contract with Comedy Central after these next three years expire?

Matt: We don't know what the hell we're going to do when our contract is up in two years. Who knows if we'll even be alive. I'm want Carson Daly's job.

9) Did they fight scene in "Cripple Fight" get inspired by "They Live" with Rowdy Rodney Piper? Why did you choose such a long and painful drawn out fight scene?

Matt: "Cripple Fight" itself was just a funny concept, but when it came down to storyboarding it, Trey remembered that fight from "They Live" as being long, drawn-out, and really funny if it were redone with cripples.
Trey: So the answer is yes.

10) What the hell is that thing in Barbrady's ear?

Matt: Officer Barbrady wears a hearing aid. That's why he always talks so fucking loud all the time. His voice was based on our impression of radio talk-show host Dennis Prager, who we actually worked with years ago. Both Trey and I actually think pretty highly of Dennis Prager, but he does have a HUGE voice and in person its almost overwhelming. I don't think Dennis Prager has a hearing aid, but it would explain why he talks so big.

11) Who was the black superman dude and where did you find him?

Trey: Our editor recieved his picture in an e-mail and put it in the show. He calls himself Superion, a black superman. We actually tracked him down to take his picture. He lives in L.A.

12) When Ned and Jimbo sport Mrs. Tenorman "letting the twins out" and Ned starts jerkin' it, how does he answer Jimbo's questions? Since his good hand is uh- occupied, did he get an implant or something?

Trey: I think he is supposed to be going back and forth between jacking it and talking. If not, you caught a mistake. Happy?

13) At the end of the South Park "Dead Friend" skit, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and some other guy were sitting at a table- I didn't recognize the guy on the right who was he?

Matt: I don't remember. Honestly have no idea. But "re-inventing" the Dead Parrot Sketch was quite an honor.

14) Why do Matt and Trey change little scenes after it gets aired Wednesday? I notice small changes from Wednesday to Saturday like a line gets cut or a scene is different- why?

Trey: We finish a show and sattelite it to the East coast on Wednesday afternoon the day it airs. But the satelited copy is not the greatest quality so then we Fed-Ex a NEW copy of the show on Friday for the Saturday showing.
Matt: And then sometimes, because we have a couple of extra days, we fix some shots and redo some sound. That's it, we're just the worst procrastinators ever in the whole world ever that have ever lived ever.

15) What's with the whole "Fighting the Frizzies" thing from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics? Is there some obscure reference that I'm just not getting?

Trey: "The Star Wars Christmas Special" starring Chewbacca, his wife and his kid is one of the worst pieces of television ever made. Everything about it is bad. I think it only aired once it 1977, but some smart person taped it off of TV way back then and we got a hold of a copy. You can get it at Comic conventions I think. The tape is complete with commercials from the time and all. They turn out to be the best part. The local station that it was taped off of teases a story about "fighting the frizzies" for the evening news that night. Remember it was 1977, people really cared about their hair back then. It was a hair story. That joke is really a half-percenter, because only one in two hundred will actually get it.

16) When will the second half of the 5th season start?

Matt: Six new episodes start November 7th.

17) Why has South Park gotten so preachy all of the sudden? I know they've always had a moral lesson but they've never had to tell us as much as they do now.

Matt: Both Trey and I coverted to Catholocism and decided the repent for all our past sins by preaching to our audince.
Trey: True story. We figure if we can save one soul.... just one soul, then maybe we can get through the Pearly Gates.

18) I've read on this site and others that the some of the kids voices are "pitch shifted" which characters go through this process?

Matt: All the kids are pitch shifted. All about the same amount. Terrance and Phillip are also pitched up.

19) I heard that during the filming of "Cannibal! The Musical" Trey got kicked out of college for making the movie is this true and why? Didn't they think it was funny?

Trey: I got kicked out of college while we were all making Cannibal! because I skipped pretty much every class for an entire semester. Can't really blame CU I guess.
Matt: And no, the university did not think the movie was funny. They thought of it as a distraction from our filmmaking education. Our film department really didn't like us too much.

20) Are the things you guys make fun of Dian Bachar for real? Does he really act that way? If so, how come he keeps coming back for more abuse?

Matt: I don't really know what you're talking about. Dian is a good friend of ours and a talented mother-fucker. All "abuse" was strictly for the cameras. We love that guy.

21) Matt and Trey, do you think that you two will ever make an appearance on South Park as yourselves?

Trey: We've talked about it before, but I don't think so. That's just a little too wierd.

22) When can we expect a musical episode like 315? Those are the best!

Trey: Musical episodes are awesome but to make it work it has to be the right kind of story. Maybe we'll do another one soon.
Matt: They are the best, but they are also as much work as three "regular" episodes.

23) How did you come up with the idea of Mr. Hankey's wife, Autumn and their kids?

Matt: We didn't want him to be lonely, I mean who is gonna hang out with a piece of shit except other pieces of shit.... and of course Kyle.

24) What inspired you to make South Park?

Trey: That's a hard question. Being bored and living in Colorado maybe.
Matt: It was more of an evolution. We had a voice that we were doing.
Trey: An I was doing these drawings so we put it together. I don't remember why it had to happen in South Park.
Matt: There has been a lot of drinking since those early days, so we don't remember a lot.

25) Starvin' Marvin is my favorite character, when do you think he'll come back to South Park?

Matt: Hopefully there will be another appearance by Starvin Marvin. I agree, he rules. Maybe he is an African King by now...

26) There has been a rumor going around that one of the kids was going to move away, namely Kyle. Is this true or was true? Did you change your minds? Or we're you just messing with us?

Trey: Kyle would be the one to move because he's a Jew. We did consider it briefly just to shake things up, but the thought of only three boys kind of bummed us out. South Park is the four boys, so none of them are going to move away.

27) Season 5 appears to be your attempt to push the so called "envelope". The initial season had this 'shock value' as it hadn't been done before, but over the past few years people became complacent with what they see, is season 5 your attempt to return to the old ways of shocking the hell out of people?

Matt: I completely disagree. From the Nambla Episode to The Brown Noise Episode, we've had PLENTY of shock value. I don't think that Season 5 is no more shocking then any other season, but I do think it's turned out great. I think if you really go look at second, third and fourth season you'll find plenty of "shock". But its all subjective. Personally, we would trade a good story for shock anytime.

28) I noticed in the "Cow Days" episode that Cartman talks like the prostitute from "Full Metal Jacket" are Matt and Trey
fans of Kuberick? What did they think of "Eyes Wide Shut"?

Matt: Both of us are big fans of Kubrick up through half way through "Full Metal Jacket." Everything he did before that was great, everything after was stupid and boring.
Trey: "A Clockwork Orange" is my favorite.
Matt: For me its a tie between that and Dr. Strangelove.
Trey: Both of fell asleep in Eyes Wide Snore.

29) Matt and Trey, what's the most embarrassing CD you'd admit to owning?

Matt: Loverboy's Greatest Hits!
Trey: The Complete Cirque du Soleil Set.

30) Who sings the song "Throbbing Star" song in the "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" episode at the drunken Barn Dance?

Matt: Our friend Toddy Walters who played Polly Pry in Cannibal! She is an awesome singer and songwriter and you can probably find her stuff on the web.

31) Do you two feel pressured to top yourselves each week, or do you just enjoy pushing the limits of what is generally considered acceptable?

Trey: We don't try to do anything week-to-week except come up with shit that makes us laugh. We honestly don't have time to consider if we're "up to snuff" or outdoing ourselves or anything. We're too busy.

32) How do you feel about fans being able to download whole episodes from the internet?

Matt: We think it's totally cool that people can download episodes off the internet. Comedy Central probably doesn't like it, but we love it. Anyway that people can watch it is good.

33) Do you guys think the web has effected what people get to see on TV now?

Matt: One way is all the fucking E-trade and dot-com commercials we're all subjected to. But other then that I don't think it's a whole lot yet. I just wish the web was a little bit further along so that it could compete with TV in terms of quality. Right now it's just a pain in the ass to watch anything streaming and Flash is kind of a piece of shit. (Great for what it can do over the internet but crappy as far as a real animation tool.)

34) How do you guys feel about "That's My Bush" getting dropped?

Trey: I'd say we were disappointed but the truth is that we knew even when we shooting TMB that is was bound to get "cancelled."
Matt: It was just too expensive of a show. But for us, the whole big joke relied on it looking a feeling like a network sitcom.
Trey: And that takes a lot of money, much more then Comedy Central can afford. It was an awesome experience and we don't regret it at all. We're very proud of the show. And we seriously are working on the movie version "George W. Bush and the Secret of the Glass Tiger."

35) Do you guys like making the Holiday episodes of South Park? Isn't it hard to top yourself on them each time?

Trey: Holiday episodes used to be fun, but now they suck because we've run out of holiday ideas and yes, it does feel like they have to be extra special. No holiday specials this year I don't think. Too hard. Need rest.

36) Since Acclaim no longer makes South Park Games, who does and what type of games are we going to see in the future?

Matt: We currently don't have a game developer. Acclaim did such a good job of fucking up the games that now no one is really that interested in the liscence. I will say this... Trey and I had little to nothing to do with the first games, and if we do another video game it will be R-rated. We wanted to do that in the first place but everyone said it was impossible. Now everyone is doing adult-themed games.

37) Where the hell did you guys find the names of all those positions in "Proper Condom Use" I'm 35 and I don't even know what the "Fish Eye" is!

Trey: Search the internet for Filthy Sanchez or Hot Karl and you'll find a couple of lists people have compiled of their favorite activities.
Matt: Heh, good reading!

38) Do you ever get tired of thinking up ways to kill Kenny?

Matt: YES! Most of the time we come up with Kenny's death on Monday or Tuesday before the show airs.
Trey: Its almost always the last thing to be done. But toil on we must to kill him every week.
Matt: Poor fucker.

39) Are the fans ever going to see a CD of the rest of the musical numbers on South Park?

Trey: If you mean the musical numbers that have been in shows, I don't think so.
Matt: However, we will be posting MP3's of those songs from time to time, so send in your request and if we have itburied somewhere, we'll try to dig it out, full version and all.

40) What do the two of you plan to do after South Park is over?

Trey: After South Park, I plan on buying a vineyard and having jazz concert/wine tastings every other weekend.
Matt: And I plan on buying a organic goat and carrot farm in Montana and having wine tastings on the other weekends.And maybe run for public office. Or move to Italy. Or just rest.